Benefits to Membership
  • Supplemental Dental Insurance (can be used in conjunction with Concordia)
  • Additional 10% off GEICO
  • Cruise discounts
  • Hotel Discounts
  • Discounts on Apple and Dell Products
  • Discount on Geico Insurance
  • Affordable Insurance Programs
  • Scholarships for Active Duty and Family Members ($500.00 to $3,000.00)
  • Discount on wireless Cell Phone and Planes

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Membership Fees

  • 1 year $36.00
    2 years $63.00
    3 years $89.00

  • Lifetime Membership
    Age 40 and under $650
    Age 41 – 50 $550
    Age 51 – 60 $450
    61 and over $350


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What's in it for you
An AFSA membership is an investment in your and your families’ lives—today and in the future. Aside from the obvious benefits of being among friends who share a common interest, your participation helps you to become a well-rounded professional Airman. You are encouraged to participate in professional military organizations. AFSA is the vehicle of choice for enlisted Airmen. AFSA can, and does, foster and promote leadership and management skills in our members by getting them to chair committees and manage chapter projects. We afford you the opportunity to learn while doing and; prepare yourself for greater responsibility, all while investing in your future. You have the opportunity to serve as a Chapter, Division, or International Officer. The choice is up to you.

If you have not already made the connection, AFSA, at all levels, function as a team with a singular purpose and focus. It is that purpose, focus, and teamwork that makes us the Professional Organization of Choice for The Total Air Force family.

In order to maximize your new opportunity, we have three challenges for you. First, recruit one new member. Second, attend your next chapter meeting. Third, volunteer to help with a project. We believe if you meet these three challenges, your AFSA career will take you to new and exciting opportunities. Welcome to the greatest professional military organization today!

Consider this: AFSA is the only association solely dedicated to representing enlisted men and women (like you) and your families. When AFSA speaks they listen … it’s more than just maintaining your existing allowances … it’s also about contributing to the discussion in a way that lawmakers better understand “your” needs. In fact, because of our reputation, AFSA has a by-name seat at the influential tables in both the Congress and the Pentagon to help shape the tough policy decisions affecting the enlisted corps today.

Retention Script
Here is the retention script that Chapter 102 uses--hope it helps! All feedback is welcome. Click here to download "Retention Script".

2017 Membership Goals
Division Goals
Total YTD
Pct of Goal
Pct Remain
Total Remain
As of: 11/01/2015 5:49 PM


Top 10 Recruiter YTD
Name Chapter Recruited
Dittman, J. Chapter 751 123
Dembinski, F. Chapter 751 115
Melenka, N. Chapter 201 102
Luna, A. Chapter 102 98
Nichols, A. Chapter 102 93
Moss Chapter 254 53
Ponziano, J. Chapter 211 41
Heflin, D. Chapter 751 40
McCoy, D. Chapter 751 38
Boucher Chapter 201 37


Top 10 Retainer YTD
Name Chapter Retained
Dittman, J. Chapter 751 56
Luna, A. Chapter 102 26
Melenka, N. Chapter 201 21
McCoy, D. Chapter 751 19
Kendall, T. Chapter 102 14
Heflin, D. Chapter 751 9
Krueger, R. Chapter 211 9
Johnson, E. Chapter 201 8
Nichols, A. Chapter 102 7
Rosenbaum, J. Chapter 751 7
Dembinski, F. Chapter 751 7